Signature Rituals

“Meticulously crafted to deliver the absolute spa treatments.

The Signature Rituals are only exclusive here. Premier Treatments always guaranteed.”

Leave the World Behind

Relaxing Massage

Float away, forget your worries and stress with this signature soothing and relaxing massage to melt away tensions. Leave your everyday worries, just enjoy the goodness of your massage experience.

30/45/60 min

Book Now £45 / £55 / £65

On the Rescue

Deep Tissue Massage

Let me help you with this deep tissue soothing massage using firm pressure and slow strokes. Expect knuckles, elbows and forearms to work on those stubborn tensions. But just a warning, as you will be craving for more.

30/45/60 min

Book Now £50/£60/£75

Rhythm & Chi

Fusion Massage

Unleash the energy as Eastern & Western techniques combined to smoothe and harmonize the body. Expect finger pressure, deep relaxing massage and manipulative techniques for an unforgettable and ultimate massage experience.


Book Now £110/£135

Exclusively Back

A Facial For Your Back

A special ritual exclusively just for your back! Transform your back to a smoothing velvety touch. Indulge first with a sensory deep relaxing back massage, followed by a skin-brightening exfoliation and a targeted mask to help rebalance or achieve moisture. Indulge deeper with a choice of foot or scalp massage whilst the mask is on. Finishing touches follow to make sure you can happily show off your back after.

60/90 min

Book Now £80/£115

SOFRI Colour Energy Candle Massage

Experience the healing power of energy within you. Worry not as the candle just melts perfectly and harmoniously on this bespoke massage specially created just for you to harmonise the body and mind., leaving you emotionally balanced and reenergised.

60 min

Book Now £80

Lava Shells Massage

Feel the warmth of the tropics in the palm of your hand with the world’s first naturally self-heating massage tool, recycled and crafted in the islands of Philippines. Enjoy a continuous and seamless massage for a deep therapeutic relief.

30 min Lava Shell Back
60 min Lava Shell Full Body

Book Now £55/£80

Facial Elixir

Utterly divine! When you need a bit more of pampering and want to treat your skin ultimately, this heavenly Facial Elixir is waiting for you. With hot stones to melt away your tensions on your neck and shoulders accompanied with draining and uplifting facial techniques to leave skin detoxed plumped and lifted. Mind and body will completely surrender as you just let go with our signature scalp, a choice of hand & arm or a lush foot massage whilst absorbing the goodness of powerful prescriptive facial masks. Simply irresistible…

90 min

Book Now £120

Destress Face & Body Ritual for Men

The ultimate in face and body treatment for men. This targeted treatment focuses on what men really need. Intensively de-stressing, highly therapeutic to ease aches and pains, whilst leaving skin reenergised. A choice of 90 minute or 2 hours for that absolute experience!

90 min/2hrs

Book Now £110/£135

Indulging Face & Body Ritual

The ultimate in face and body treatment for women. Can’t decide? This Signature Ritual is uniquely designed just for you, leaving your body relaxed, mind uncluttered and skin awakened, revitalised and plumped. You can choose either a 90 minute or 2 hours for that absolute pampering!

90 min/2hrs

Book Now £110/£135

Wrap in Bliss

Body Wrap

Nourish your senses whilst cocooned with luxurious aromatic oils. To start, you will be welcomed by a cleansing foot ritual. After, you will be body brushed to invigorate your circulation. Your skin is now prepared to absorb the richness of the aromatic oils. You can choose for firmness, circulation or relaxation. You’ll then be wrapped with the use of a thermal foil in a heated bed to maximise penetration of the active ingredients for top-to-toe benefits. The relaxation continues, our signature neck and shoulder massage paired with the powerful heat of the stones to melt away tensions plus a relaxing scalp and foot massage to harmonise the ritual. A touch of mist and a gentle stretch to finish.

60 min

Book Now £75

Quieten the Mind

Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Breathe in, breath out… This ritual will take you to a heavenly bliss. A foot cleanse to start the ritual. Then the pouring of rich luxurious aromatic oils to your shoulder and scalp. Rhytmic pressure points applied alongside with the flow of relaxing massage with hot
stones on your neck and shoulder to melt away tensions. Further intensify relaxation by our signature scalp massage. To finish, a touch of mist and gentle neck stretch leaving you with a quietened mind.

30/45 min

Book Now £45 / £55

Thai Foot Massage

Elevate your foot ritual, as we combine the elements of Thai massage, shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese massage and yoga, just for your feet and lower leg. A must have!

60/90 min

Book Now £75 / £115